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Imagine an age of living with community as opposed to living for oneself; an era where we acknowledge the immense collective grief and pain present in today's world, while simultaneously offering pathways toward a collective remembering and healing.
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a.k.a. william antonio barbosa cottiss
꩜ I am an ecosystem of ancestors, communities, microorganisms, cells, minerals, & energies. 

Rhizome serves as the Creative Director of Access Cafe, bringing his creative vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and vast experience in the world of specialty coffee to the forefront of the business. With a background in multimedia production and a keen eye for storytelling, William oversees the artistic direction of the mobile van, curating an immersive experience that delights the senses and nourishes the soul.

My personal and collective experience tells me healing is an ongoing, collaborative process. Grief and pain exist in our body's relationship to the world; we are all interconnected. When you hurt, I hurt. When you heal, I heal. Healing then becomes a collective remembering,

a trail leading home.

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My healing begins with my body, and ends with the whole world as body. 

 logistics coordinator— 

Carlton Langston

꩜ Poet, Forseer & Believer, Former Mayoral Candidate, Ponderer & Doer, Marathoner.

Carlton Langston serves as the Logistics Coordinator of Access Cafe, leveraging his organizational prowess and logistical expertise to streamline operations and drive efficiency. With a background in supply chain management and event coordination, Carlton oversees the logistical aspects of the business, ensuring smooth execution of day-to-day operations and special events.

The future is possibility.

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